Wednesday, June 25, 2008

the end.

So. I’m done. And it is a bit of a weird feeling. I’ve wandered around for the last 4 days wondering what to do with myself…learning, all over again, how to spend my time sans studying.
My test was hard. Challenging. Mind-blowingly long. And I’ve come to the conclusion that it will be by God’s grace alone that I pass. I chose to spend my study time memorizing things that didn’t make their way onto my test. And I ended up arbitrarily guessing on more questions than I’d like to remember. Not to mention all those questions out of my 400 I had to answer in the 8 hours I spent on my tooshie in an uncomfortable chair that were completely new to me…I’m pretty sure I learned a few new vocabulary words; who knew that borborygmi was the sound made by moving gas??

I realized something two days before the tests…when I was deep in my trance of studying. I hadn’t slept well, thanks to my bizarre dreams and inability to let myself relax when my head hit the pillow. And aside from the insanity plea that I considered using as an out from this whole crazy test-taking experience, I came to one conclusion:

God doesn’t care about the score of this test. He doesn’t care that I listened to 16+ hours of lecture in one week. He doesn’t care that I got 16 hours of sleep in 7 days. And He doesn’t care that I spent 8 hours being watched with 3 video cameras, surrendering my digitally-monitored finger prints every time I had to pee. He doesn’t care about all that.

What He does care about, however, is how much I TRUST Him. Which, as you very well know has been a challenge for me this year. But as I was sitting there, filling my brain with tidbits about poop & parasites & pathologies that are more rare than hermaphrodites, I was reminded, once again, that God has already accounted for all my mistakes. And I’ve got to trust that He has the best in mind for me. Because although I’d argue that sitting through that 8 hour painstakingly boring test again isn’t the best for my character (or my backside, which as grown larger during my studies), He might disagree with my measley Earthling opinion.

And I’ve got to accept that.

So, for those who don’t really believe that God is all-giving and all-good and all-knowing, the concept that have given up the score of what could be the most important test of my life to something that isn’t visible or touchable or hear-able may seem like I have, in fact, given into that insanity plea that I mentioned earlier (paranoid schizophrenia, perhaps??). But for me, I’ve got to remember that passing this test—or failing it, for that matter—isn’t the end of the world. There is an end to this world, however. And that day when I stand before my maker, I want to be able to proclaim that I TRUSTED HIM ENOUGH to realize that failing the medical board exams wasn’t the end of my Earthly life.

So we’ll see what happens. I’m supposed to get my scores back in mid-August. And being true to my usual perspective, I’m preparing myself for the worst. And anything better than the worst will be a pleasant surprise….

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Slices of Life said...

i'm good at preparing myself for the worst too...but at least you're right, our worst is usually God's best. Because He ALWAYS has our best at heart. great job for getting through it...whatever that means to you. :) i'm so excited for you, that it's done and you have a summer with the husband planned.

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