Friday, July 31, 2009

Q&A: random.

i got this from Beth's blog...& smiled so much when i read hers that i had to copy it :) thanks, Beth!

what time did you get up this morning? 3am (thanks jon! Thanks stomach cramps!) & up for good at 9:15

what was the last film you saw at the cinema? The Proposal. Loved it.

what is your favorite TV show? Don’t watch TV (gasp!). Seriously.

if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be? Switzerland. Or Germany. Or the Pacific Northwest.


what did you have for breakfast? Life cereal + vanilla soy milk.

what is your favorite cuisine? Food. Does that count?

07.18.09 dinner

what foods do you dislike? Fungus (mushrooms). Brussel sprouts. Raw meat (aside from sashimi, which I LOVE). Shrimp (I blame it on the Little Mermaid).

favorite place to eat? Home.


favorite dressing? Balasalmic vinegar + cottage cheese on salad (sooooo good…discovered at the COG during GU years)

what kind of vehicle do you drive? Mitsubishi Outlander

06.12.09 edit

what are your favorite clothes? Pajama’s & sweat pants.

where would you visit if you had the chance? I’m changing this to who I would visit…Jon :)

cup 1/2 empty or 1/2 full? I’d like to say half full, but I tend to think along the lines of half empty—it’s a coping mechanism, I think.

where would you want to retire? I don’t plan on retiring…& if I do, I’d like it to be in a little medical clinic in the middle of a Developing Nation

favorite time of day? Definitely NOT morning.

where were you born? In a hospital…I made my arrival after 46 hours of labor—thanks mom!
what is your favorite sport to watch? Uhhh….

bird watcher? Nope. People watcher? YES.

are you a morning person or a night person? Do I really need to answer that?...

do you have any pets? nope

any new and exciting news you'd like to share? Jon called! Jon called! Jon called! My other exciting news will be kept secret for a few more months—haha…now I’ve got you guessing :) {Nope, seriously, I’m not telling...& no, I'm not pregnant}

what did you want to be when you were little? A Neonatologist (at age 3). Then I decided that full-time medicine was my thing at age 6…I changed my mind & wanted to work part-time as a Doctor & part-time at Sea World. So far, the first part is almost a reality. I haven't revealed the second part to Jon yet...

what is your best childhood memory? Oh my. I don’t think I can choose. Riding horses. Campfires at my Grandparents’ house. Traveling. Mission trips. Cherry-pit-spitting contests. Nature walks. Car rides (my mom always made them interesting). Sailing the San Juan’s for two weeks & getting $20 from my Uncle for the last piece of sausage on the boat (which happened to be on my plate).

are you a cat or dog person? Dog, if I have to choose. I’m really indifferent to animals.

are you married? Never thought I’d be able to answer yes…but YES!

rainy sunset walk

always wear your seat belt? Y.E.S. After the head trauma I’ve seen, that shouldn’t even be a question…

been in a car accident? Nope…unless you consider driving into a large yellow cement barrier at the Costco gas station an “accident”.

any pet peeves? Hair. Dried toothpaste in the sink. Cracking knuckles. Clipping fingernails. Finding fingernails outside their home in the garbage. Ick!

favorite flower? Dahlias. Or tulips.

favorite ice cream? Vanilla. With Cinnamon. Yum.


favorite fast food restaurant? Gross.

how many times did you fail your driver's test? Almost once—passed the first time with an 80% (the lowest score possible still passing).

from whom did you get your last email? Uhh…Beth Pritchard!

which store would you choose to max out your credit card? If I had to pay the bill on my maxed out credit card, I choose none…BUT if they are talking free money, I choose TJ Maxx, Gabriel Brothers (in WV), Target, or Hobby Lobby.

do anything spontaneous lately? Yes. Just ate ice cream & homemade Huckleberry Pie…at 3pm in the afternoon!! That is about as spontaneous as I get.

like your job? Most days…the future of my job is a scary thing though…

broccoli? Yes, but only if you don’t mind plugging your nose for two days following its consumption…

what was your favorite vacation? The 9-week trek through 13 European countries with all my belongings on my back :) Incredible. I can’t wait to go back with Jon!

last person you went out to dinner with? Jodie & Brett!


what are you listening to right now? The air conditioner

what is your favorite color? Green. And brown. And cyan blue. Oh…I was only supposed to pick one.

how many tattoos do you have? Jon has one, does that count?!

what time did you finish this quiz? 3:59pm

coffee drinker? When I’m tired, yes.

Picture 008

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

project 365: 07.20-07.26.09

{monday: 07.20.09} i made a (ehemm...rather large) purchase at Nordstrom a couple of weekends ago when i visited Jodie & Brett in Seattle: Philosophy Skin Care. which i'm justifying as a missed-trip to the skin loves it. {finally!}


{tuesday: 07.21.09} HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JON!! Our first (& hopefully last!) spent on opposite sides of the globe without talking. i'm typically not too keen on making giant celebrations of birthday & anniversaries--i feel like i should be able to celebrate everyday & eat cupcakes just for being alive! BUT, since i had a bit of extra time on my lunch hour, i did take a book, my lunch, & my free Starbucks pastry to the park at noon & had myself a little picnic. i love picnics with jon (sorry everyone else, i don't love picnics with you) & i felt like i needed to celebrate just a little bit :) i closed up the day with a stellar senior photo shoot in a wheat field!


{wednesday: 07.22.09} we had a group of Young Life kids over for "Campaigners", their weekly Bible study. tayte made brownies in celebration. darn Ghiradelli & Costco...why must you make my life so delicious?!


{thursday: 07.23.09} i'm happy to announce that i made it through about 125 of the designated 200 pages to be complete by the end of the week! although i didn't make it nearly far enough in my other review book, i read this Cardiology review cover-to-cover (& only fell asleep 5 times in the meantime). on to the next subject....


{friday: 07.24.09} an early morning in the O.R. marked the last day of cardiology (hooray!). my preceptor was wonderful...but quite frankly i think i'm meant to be in family medicine :)


{saturday: 07.25.09} after a quick trip to Seattle to watch the local American Legion baseball team in the State Tournament, we used our connections & scored Mariner's tickets at the last minute...only 17 rows up, too! It was a great (hot & sweaty) game, even though the M's lost...


{sunday: 07.26.09} as an anniversary present to me (sorry year will be double gifts for you!), my parents bought me a new Sigg bottle, complete with a cute! insulated! cover! good thing, too, because i left my other one in the hotel room during our trip to Seattle!


Monday, July 20, 2009

dear jon.

we missed you at dinner tonight. it was VERY yummy.

07.18.09 dinner

fresh veggies. flank steak. cauliflower + brown rice mashed potatoes (i'll make them for you! they are really yummy!). local red wine. on the back deck.

i wanted to hold your hand at the dinner table. and i missed you.

in fact, every hour of every day i miss you.

but we're getting through this...with a SMILE :)

07.18.09 dinner done

Sunday, July 19, 2009

project 365: 07.13-07.19.09

{monday: 07.13.09} cardiology started today...& in preparation, i bought a new (so cute!) planner for the remainder of the year! although it certainly doesn't help me learn cardiology, my brain appreciates the break!

{tuesday: 07.14.09} summers in the Pacific Northwest are incredible. and even in this dry climate in Eastern Washington, God still makes our summer evenings nearly perfect! the sunsets aren't bad either....

{wednesday: 07.15.09} an early morning in the Operating Room made one very tired coffee-drinking jlyn. :) i love that physician's lounge!

{thursday: 07.16.09} korryn came home with this cute Sigg bottle & realized that ice cubes didn't easily fit in the top. so instead of taking it back she gave it to me. :) which makes me one happy girl! thanks, sister!

{friday: 07.17.09} i had a photo shoot on friday evening--in TOO HOT weather! i was testing lighting & accidentally snapped this picture. my mom told me i looked like a nun. i think it is one of my new favorites!

{saturday: 07.18.09} with an afternoon of studying ahead of me, i decided to make the experience enjoyable & spend some time in the pool :) and enjoyable it was...until 20 minutes later left my skin feeling too hot to stay outside in the 98-degree weather. i swam laps for about 10 minutes & got out. nice concept, though!

{sunday: 07.19.09} i'm s l o w l y making my way through my cardiology book--but taking a four hour nap sunday afternoon certainly doesn't seem to help me get through the information any faster! i have one week left in this rotation--meaning 5 more days to get through 200-something pages. wish me luck!

project 365: 07.06-07.12.09

{monday: 07.06.09} since the scale isn't my friend these days despite my workout sweat-my-butt-off efforts, i started tracking what i'm eating again. unfortunately, my enthusiasm only last three days after this snapshot...eating ice cream is way too important to me.

{tuesday: 07.07.09} my morning perch...uhh...station, i guess. this is where i get ready each morning. and although not too exciting, when my parents move & i am 48 years old, i think i might want to remember those hot vanity lights that tend to remind me (in the brightest way possible) that HEY LAZY BONES, IT IS MORNING!

{wednesday: 07.08.09} i realized that my purse is more like a duffel bag--searching for needed items turns into the search for the Titanic in the deep blue abyss. i'm thinking that i need to invest in a smaller purse...but then i realize that i can't shove my sunglasses, cell phone, 5 highliters, two books, a large wallet, pill bottles, extra bag, & so much more into a smaller purse. Shoulder surgery, here i come!

{thursday: 07.09.09} i didn't have to be at work until 11am & got adventurous in the morning: i went on a RUN! i promised jon that i'd at least give running a runners try (pun totally intended) while he was gone, in hopes that we could go on morning runs TOGETHER when he got back. so far, it isn't going to well...good thing i still have time!

{friday: 07.10.09} we LOVE skype! jon had a few extra minutes & got to talk to jodie & brett (whom i was visiting this weekend!)! we like to think that he was just sitting right at the table with us, invovled in every detail of the reality he was stuck in 100+ degree weather with intermittent power outages. we can dream, right?!

{saturday: 07.11.09} for the first time in YEARS i went down to Pike Place. and i fell in love with the Pacific Northwest all over again! i can't believe that we live in such an incredible place--surrounded by jagged mountains, blue waters, & a culture that is all-its-own. aside from the traffic of seattle, i think i want to live there :)

{sunday: 07.12.09} after a FABULOUS weekend with jodie & brett (hey! i have friends!!), i was so sad to have to leave. BUT...our plans for living on the same street when we all grow up & get real jobs (well, jon & jodie have real jobs--brett & i are stuck in non-working-young-adulthood) made me feel just a little better leaving them. i CAN'T WAIT to hang out again when jon gets home! i'm mentally planning the weekend already...& it WILL involve chocolate, ice cream, & board games :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Oh....this is the beginning of life's "baby season" for us. Well, not for us, but for our friends. And the pile of flannel baby blankets waiting to be sewn is a testament to the fact that I'm a little behind.

Perhaps because I've spent my late-night should-be-studying hours on the computer trying to cram more information into my brain...information I'm sure I'll regret that choice one day soon when I'm asked to save someone's life & can only manage a thought about how to get perfect sun-flare with low ISO & high aperature...but that is beside the point.

For the time being, I'll just keep doting on professional photographers...dreaming about leeching information from their brains & dumping it into my own.

In the meantime, I'll share what might possibly be the BEST newborn photography site ever.

Captured by Carrie..BLOG

Yeah, this woman's got skillz. (with a "z")

Monday, July 13, 2009


It was there that they laid. Draped in river-washed white, urine pot beneath the bed, mortar & pestle on the chipped wooden bedside table waiting for the next round of healing spices. It was there they laid, waiting. Gathered in droves as the winter fell upon the coutryside, they waited—a gymnasium full of them. Fires back at home would be lit, presents exchanged, maple candies passed around to runny-nosed youngsters. And soon enough, green would burst forth from the branches welcoming spring. Aside from the goodbye’s, the beds left empty after passing, more would be watiting.


An old woman who couldn’t breathe. A young boy covered in red spots. A farmer husband healing from the snake bite. Beds cozied. Air shared. Lives opened.

As the nurses made their rounds, a dry cloth wiped hands between patients. And old cone stethoscope from the fraying leathered bag of old Doctor touched the old woman, then the boy, then the farmer husband—without second thought, without caution.


She complained to me. The young brown haired woman next to her snored. And her machine beeped. And the nurse from the night shift was too hurried to fetch the ice cream she’d requested.

My questioning was distracting her from her talk show—as early morning coffee cups were filled & young, attractive anchors told us about Michael Jackson’s death & the mourners expected to flock to his funeral.

I pushed the gray button & a mountain of foam squirted onto my hand. I waved both hands in the air to dry the sanitizing mountain that had found its way to the paper cut on my pinkie finger. A sterile alcohol swab was pulled from my left coat pocket, ripped open to clean my red Littman stethoscope.

Moving aside the blue checkered gown that covered her chest, I found a strong rhythm just underneath the ribcage. LIFE. Lungs clear. Bowel sounds present. Reflexes intact. Labs normal. Imaging pending. And a smile.

She understood. Understood that I’d be back tomorrow morning. Understood that her nurses were one button-push-away. Understood that her diagnosis was still unknown. Understood that we’d take more pictures, gather more samples, draw more blood, do more tests.

And she understood that we were trying.

Yet, she was impatient. It had been FIVE WHOLE DAYS waiting in the hospital, listening to her young brown haired roommate snore, hearing the beeps of her machines match the ticks of the clock.

I bid goodbye. My gloves came off. My blue mask was thrown away. My white sterile gown was balled up & tossed in a receptacle outside her doorway. I glanced back to wave.

As I said goodbye, I couldn’t help but them of them…waiting. Waiting for Winter to turn to Spring, Spring to Summer. Waiting for the old woman who couldn’t breathe to abandon her bed for another grand Life. Waiting for the young boy’s spots to disappear. Waiting for the farmer husband’s bite to heal. Waiting. Waiting alongside the coughing man, the infected wound, the burned foot. Waiting for the healing spices, the cone stethoscope, the nurse with the white wiping cloth.


Waiting for a miracle.

Dare I say that we’ve lost something? Dare I boast that the “old medicine” was richer, more life-changing than what we practice now? Dare I wish that the art, the trust, the lessons that floated through those hospital corridors might still somewhere be contained in the plastered walls of our “new medicine”?


Because often do we find the cure. Often do we expedite healing. Often do we remove the tumor, infuse the medicine, shock the heart, deliver the baby, save the life. Often do we smile when we remove our masks, our gloves, our gowns, our sterile drapes; often do we grin when we pull the privacy curtains, unclog the lemon-scented toilet, & find funding for 50 new private rooms.

But seldom do we take the time to appreciate the pictures just taken of what lies inside us. Seldom do we take the time to thank the scowl-faced woman who just made our toilet lemon-scented. Seldom do we think of the miraculous dawn of the antibiotic era—the billions of lives saved because of one petre discovery. Seldom do we recognize the miracle of life growing inside the woman, the miracle of beeping machinery tracking the heart’s electric impulses, the miracle of the opportunity to get to know a roommate—to share in the healing process.

Seldom do we recognize our bodies for what they have been created to be: intricately designed machines readied & willing to fight at the first invasion of foreign antibodies, standing by for neuron repair after an unexpected injury. Seldom do we appreciate that inside us lies a force perfectly equipped to heal the wound, handle the burden, mend the broken bone.

Seldom do we give our God-given bodies enough credit.

Yes, I say. Yes. We’ve lost something...& in the meantime lost the will to give the Giver of Life enough credit for his miraculously meticulous creation: us.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

best receptionist mistake.

The attractive, brown haired receptionist came into my preceptor’s office giggling & red-faced.

The phone rang. In her hurried movement she accidentally slammed the body of the phone against the edge of the counter when she attempted to answer it.

And she started giggling.

Between breaths of laughter, she asked the patient to please hold. Just a few moments later when she’d gained her composure again, she gently picked up the phone & greeted the patient with the standard phrase for the office…

Hello! Thank you for helping, how can I hold you today?

I think it’d been years that the old man on the other end of the line had been given such a generous offer…

Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I credit much of my sanity during teenage-hood to journaling. My pen & paper were the recipients of tears shed, emotions boiled, friendships shattered, lives lost, hearts broken. And in the middle of my parents’ divorce, my journal became my refuge.

Since Jon & I married, my journaling has taken a backseat. I realize that much of what I used to journal about now needs to be shared with Jon for growth, both personally & in our relationship. And the hours that I used to spend writing by flashlight after the house had gone to bed have now turned into precious hours of sleep in order to avoid early-morning caffination.

But something inside my writer’s-heart misses the act of journaling—misses the incredible reward gleaned from looking back on answered prayers, hearts healed, and how my life has changed.

Ann Voskamp has an incredible gift with words. Her blog is a testament to her life, her family, & her faith--& since I found it about one year ago, it has subsequently inspired my own life. I’ve linked to her entries here before…but this series touched my core.

And once again, I’m inspired to pick up my pen (or sit down at my computer) to write about the thoughts, the ramblings, the pittering heart of this faithful.

So take 5 minutes…and read.

Part One:Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline: Light Catchers
Part Two: Journaling: Being Real with Jesus
Part Three: Journaling: As Family Worship
Part Four: Journaling: Burning Bush Conversations
Part Five: Journaling: How to Set Up and Organize a Journal
Part Six: Journaling: Many Creative Ways
Part Seven: Journaling: As an Act of Prayer
Part Eight: Journaling: As a Spiritual Discipline

{all links & material credit of A Holy Experience}

…and then write.

{and if you don’t feel confident in your own writing, here is an article on some basics…the future will not recognize the misspelled words or the uncrossed “t’s”, it will simply admire your life as a testament to God’s graces.}

Sunday, July 05, 2009

project 365: 06.29-07.05.09

{monday: 06.29.09} i've taken full advantage of the availability of fresh produce here in WA...something I dearly missed while living on the East Coast. I smile each time I drive by the cherry orchard (& cute old man @ the "Cherries for Sale" stand) less than 2 miles from my house & have to chuckle to myself at the locally grown apples a full $2/pound cheaper than they were in North Carolina. Currently peaches & nectarines are my favorite :)

{tuesday: 06.30.09} i had a rough day at work & {gratefully} came home to an empty house. after a tough workout, some quiet time overlooking the open space of this city, & a delicious dinner, i felt much better. i topped off the evening with a long conversation with jon--God couldn't have better-answered my prayers!

{wednesday: 07.01.09}my face apparently decided this week that i'm 14 again & all the zits i've missed out on the last two years reared their ugly faces. this little bottle of magic (Origin's Spot Remover) is my saving-grace.

{thursday: 07.02.09} after feeling like a frump at work all week, i made the decision to go through my closet & try on every item of clothing. if it didn't fit well, feel right, or wasn't flattering, i got rid of it. i now realize that i should have done this before I moved across the country, but God has been working in my heart to purge & not buy things that i don't absolultely love. another reminder of my ugly confession...

{friday: 07.03.09} certainly not the most flattering photo in the world (& please don't mind the Elvis Presley paperdoll my mom has taped to her bathroom mirror)...but this wet (sweaty) shirt was a remnant of perhaps the most intense workout of my life. i should add that this photo was taken a full TWO HOURS after the BodyCombat (i.e., kickboxing) class ended...which should be evidence of just how much i sweat...sweated?...swat?

{saturday: 07.04.09} after a morning of flopped studying, my family drove to Yakima for a family reunion (in the 100 degree heat). my mom has NINE siblings--which makes me grandchild #18. you can only imagine how giant this family is. needless to say, it was quite enjoyable. i'm realizing as time goes on just how much i DO enjoy the craziness that this oversized family has to offer...& a stop at Miner's on the way home for a giant hamburger & rootbeer milkshake (yesidid just say that!!) made the day complete...

{sunday: 07.05.09} my mom took this picture. and this occurrence of me falling asleep with/on/by my books seems to be increasingly common. which is unfortunate because osmosis doesn't work....which means i am not studying. Boards are in just about two months & my brain needs to kick it into HIGH GEAR!!!

Friday, July 03, 2009

lest we forget.


This year, as brilliant lights brighten the sky, I’ll be thinking of the fiery light show other side of the world. This year, as loud booms shake the walls & rattle the windows & people cheer because of the beauty, I’ll be thinking of the earplugs worn on the other side of the world. And this year, as we rest our heads on soft pillows & listen to our tummies full of barbequed hamburgers grumble, I’ll be thinking of the MRE’s torn open & hard cots warmed on the other side of the world.

Because this year, it’s not just about the fireworks.

They marched. With soaked boots, cold feet, torn BDU’s, they marched.



And they missed home. And their children grew & their wives slept in colder beds. And they wrote letters, only when they could. And they celebrated birthdays & Christmas & sang hymns. And they fought. And many, many died.

Today we remember them with “Happy Independence Day!” & colorful flying lights. Today we remember them with patriotic shirts from Old Navy & little American Flags from the dollar store. Today we remember them with parades & horses painted like flags & candy tossed to children. Today we remember them with BBQ’s & potato salad & "hey, thanks for serving."

But tomorrow we will forget.

If not for the monuments, the erected towers in bronze & shined marble.



If not for the statues cast in iron for the generations to see.


If not for the museums that hold evidence of our nation pulling together for a good cause, a better cause.


If not for the lives once etched in tear stained pillows & hearts of remembrance—now names etched in bronze, quartz, & shined marble.



Lest we forget.

Lest we forget that marching legs once belonged to little boys, loved by their mother’s & father’s. Lest we forget that those soaked boots were once warm & dry, roasting by Christmas fireplaces & rubbing against wives with blooming bellies. Lest we forget that those torn BDU’s were once blue denim overalls & polyester work uniform’s & canvas pants splattered with paint. Lest we forget that those guns they carried were once stethoscopes & paintbrushes, steering wheels, & leather bridles.


And lest we forget that those warm bodies, snuggled by wives, hugged by mothers turned cold & expelled red. Lest we forget that the letter’s came & the black car did visit; that lives changed & fatherless children grew up.


Lest we forget that they still pack their bags.



They still march.



They still die.


They die for us, lest we forget.


Happy Indepedence Day...

may your hearts be filled with gratitude for those who have loved, lost, & fought to make our July 4th Independent.

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