Sunday, July 05, 2009

project 365: 06.29-07.05.09

{monday: 06.29.09} i've taken full advantage of the availability of fresh produce here in WA...something I dearly missed while living on the East Coast. I smile each time I drive by the cherry orchard (& cute old man @ the "Cherries for Sale" stand) less than 2 miles from my house & have to chuckle to myself at the locally grown apples a full $2/pound cheaper than they were in North Carolina. Currently peaches & nectarines are my favorite :)

{tuesday: 06.30.09} i had a rough day at work & {gratefully} came home to an empty house. after a tough workout, some quiet time overlooking the open space of this city, & a delicious dinner, i felt much better. i topped off the evening with a long conversation with jon--God couldn't have better-answered my prayers!

{wednesday: 07.01.09}my face apparently decided this week that i'm 14 again & all the zits i've missed out on the last two years reared their ugly faces. this little bottle of magic (Origin's Spot Remover) is my saving-grace.

{thursday: 07.02.09} after feeling like a frump at work all week, i made the decision to go through my closet & try on every item of clothing. if it didn't fit well, feel right, or wasn't flattering, i got rid of it. i now realize that i should have done this before I moved across the country, but God has been working in my heart to purge & not buy things that i don't absolultely love. another reminder of my ugly confession...

{friday: 07.03.09} certainly not the most flattering photo in the world (& please don't mind the Elvis Presley paperdoll my mom has taped to her bathroom mirror)...but this wet (sweaty) shirt was a remnant of perhaps the most intense workout of my life. i should add that this photo was taken a full TWO HOURS after the BodyCombat (i.e., kickboxing) class ended...which should be evidence of just how much i sweat...sweated?...swat?

{saturday: 07.04.09} after a morning of flopped studying, my family drove to Yakima for a family reunion (in the 100 degree heat). my mom has NINE siblings--which makes me grandchild #18. you can only imagine how giant this family is. needless to say, it was quite enjoyable. i'm realizing as time goes on just how much i DO enjoy the craziness that this oversized family has to offer...& a stop at Miner's on the way home for a giant hamburger & rootbeer milkshake (yesidid just say that!!) made the day complete...

{sunday: 07.05.09} my mom took this picture. and this occurrence of me falling asleep with/on/by my books seems to be increasingly common. which is unfortunate because osmosis doesn't work....which means i am not studying. Boards are in just about two months & my brain needs to kick it into HIGH GEAR!!!

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Jodie said...

Are you reading Having a Mary Heart in a Martha World? That's the book we settled on for our summer Bible study read. I haven't started it yet but I'm curious what you think if you are reading it. Maybe you can tell me in person this weekend!! :)

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