Sunday, July 19, 2009

project 365: 07.13-07.19.09

{monday: 07.13.09} cardiology started today...& in preparation, i bought a new (so cute!) planner for the remainder of the year! although it certainly doesn't help me learn cardiology, my brain appreciates the break!

{tuesday: 07.14.09} summers in the Pacific Northwest are incredible. and even in this dry climate in Eastern Washington, God still makes our summer evenings nearly perfect! the sunsets aren't bad either....

{wednesday: 07.15.09} an early morning in the Operating Room made one very tired coffee-drinking jlyn. :) i love that physician's lounge!

{thursday: 07.16.09} korryn came home with this cute Sigg bottle & realized that ice cubes didn't easily fit in the top. so instead of taking it back she gave it to me. :) which makes me one happy girl! thanks, sister!

{friday: 07.17.09} i had a photo shoot on friday evening--in TOO HOT weather! i was testing lighting & accidentally snapped this picture. my mom told me i looked like a nun. i think it is one of my new favorites!

{saturday: 07.18.09} with an afternoon of studying ahead of me, i decided to make the experience enjoyable & spend some time in the pool :) and enjoyable it was...until 20 minutes later left my skin feeling too hot to stay outside in the 98-degree weather. i swam laps for about 10 minutes & got out. nice concept, though!

{sunday: 07.19.09} i'm s l o w l y making my way through my cardiology book--but taking a four hour nap sunday afternoon certainly doesn't seem to help me get through the information any faster! i have one week left in this rotation--meaning 5 more days to get through 200-something pages. wish me luck!

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joyfuliving said...

200 pages in five days?! psh...that's child's play for you! ;) just look back at all you HAVE accomplished and it will look like pie. and for you, i have a feeling 'luck' has nothing to do with it. ;)

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