Tuesday, July 07, 2009


I credit much of my sanity during teenage-hood to journaling. My pen & paper were the recipients of tears shed, emotions boiled, friendships shattered, lives lost, hearts broken. And in the middle of my parents’ divorce, my journal became my refuge.

Since Jon & I married, my journaling has taken a backseat. I realize that much of what I used to journal about now needs to be shared with Jon for growth, both personally & in our relationship. And the hours that I used to spend writing by flashlight after the house had gone to bed have now turned into precious hours of sleep in order to avoid early-morning caffination.

But something inside my writer’s-heart misses the act of journaling—misses the incredible reward gleaned from looking back on answered prayers, hearts healed, and how my life has changed.

Ann Voskamp has an incredible gift with words. Her blog is a testament to her life, her family, & her faith--& since I found it about one year ago, it has subsequently inspired my own life. I’ve linked to her entries here before…but this series touched my core.

And once again, I’m inspired to pick up my pen (or sit down at my computer) to write about the thoughts, the ramblings, the pittering heart of this faithful.

So take 5 minutes…and read.

Part One:Journaling as a Spiritual Discipline: Light Catchers
Part Two: Journaling: Being Real with Jesus
Part Three: Journaling: As Family Worship
Part Four: Journaling: Burning Bush Conversations
Part Five: Journaling: How to Set Up and Organize a Journal
Part Six: Journaling: Many Creative Ways
Part Seven: Journaling: As an Act of Prayer
Part Eight: Journaling: As a Spiritual Discipline

{all links & material credit of A Holy Experience}

…and then write.

{and if you don’t feel confident in your own writing, here is an article on some basics…the future will not recognize the misspelled words or the uncrossed “t’s”, it will simply admire your life as a testament to God’s graces.}

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