Sunday, July 26, 2009

project 365: 07.20-07.26.09

{monday: 07.20.09} i made a (ehemm...rather large) purchase at Nordstrom a couple of weekends ago when i visited Jodie & Brett in Seattle: Philosophy Skin Care. which i'm justifying as a missed-trip to the skin loves it. {finally!}


{tuesday: 07.21.09} HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JON!! Our first (& hopefully last!) spent on opposite sides of the globe without talking. i'm typically not too keen on making giant celebrations of birthday & anniversaries--i feel like i should be able to celebrate everyday & eat cupcakes just for being alive! BUT, since i had a bit of extra time on my lunch hour, i did take a book, my lunch, & my free Starbucks pastry to the park at noon & had myself a little picnic. i love picnics with jon (sorry everyone else, i don't love picnics with you) & i felt like i needed to celebrate just a little bit :) i closed up the day with a stellar senior photo shoot in a wheat field!


{wednesday: 07.22.09} we had a group of Young Life kids over for "Campaigners", their weekly Bible study. tayte made brownies in celebration. darn Ghiradelli & Costco...why must you make my life so delicious?!


{thursday: 07.23.09} i'm happy to announce that i made it through about 125 of the designated 200 pages to be complete by the end of the week! although i didn't make it nearly far enough in my other review book, i read this Cardiology review cover-to-cover (& only fell asleep 5 times in the meantime). on to the next subject....


{friday: 07.24.09} an early morning in the O.R. marked the last day of cardiology (hooray!). my preceptor was wonderful...but quite frankly i think i'm meant to be in family medicine :)


{saturday: 07.25.09} after a quick trip to Seattle to watch the local American Legion baseball team in the State Tournament, we used our connections & scored Mariner's tickets at the last minute...only 17 rows up, too! It was a great (hot & sweaty) game, even though the M's lost...


{sunday: 07.26.09} as an anniversary present to me (sorry year will be double gifts for you!), my parents bought me a new Sigg bottle, complete with a cute! insulated! cover! good thing, too, because i left my other one in the hotel room during our trip to Seattle!


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