Saturday, May 30, 2009

long time.

I’m baaaaccckkkk!!!! And I’m alive!!

It has been over a month since I posted last--& life in the interim has been unexpectedly crazy (but oddly relaxing, too).

Toward the end of April during my surgery rotation, my kind preceptors discovered that my husband was going to be out of my life for the next year & let me off a week early. An allowance that changed our travel plans completely…overnight. With two days notice, I moved out of my apartment & crammed my car full of stuff for the LAST four hour drive between my two homes. And because of the generosity of my preceptors, I was able to fly back “home” to spend an extra week with Jon in the glorious land of Eastern Washington (the very next day!!)—a week that I would have spent gazing at hernia’s & poking my fingers in people’s insides (I’ll let your imagination wander…). Needless to say, it was a blessing. We followed up our trip to our Washington “home” with a trip that brought city life into full view: NYC.

So, in the month of May 1:

Packed up my (smelly smelly!) apartment.

all moved out!

Made my final drive between my apartment & our Army home.

sunset drive

Spent time with family…& holding Jon’s hand (I soaked up every bit of our time together).

holding hands: commissioning ceremony class of 2009

Had a picnic in central park.

central park picnic

Saw Miss Liberty in all her glory.

miss liberty, NYC

Watched a softball game & got a horrible sunburn.

BTN softball game 05/20/09

Took a walk in the rain (& lightening…but don’t tell my mom that part).

rainy sunset walk

Punched my husband in the chest.

punching on rank

Got a newly promoted husband!!


Said “hello” to the next 12-months on my own.


Started packing up the house…

moving boxes--from 1 room!

Which brings me to today…as I’m STILL packing up the house. I’ve scheduled some posts for the following couple of weeks—I start a new Ears/Nose/Throat rotation here on Monday. I’m going to try my best to study my toosh off in the next couple of months (Boards are only 3 months away!)—which means that posting, pictures, etc. may take a backseat until after they are over.

At the very least, though, I’ll share a fun project Jon & I started for the duration (we hope!) of his LONG vacation. Each Sunday I’ll (try to!) post a picture from each day of the week—a Project 365 of sorts. We are both taking a photo each day & are going to compare notes & make a photobook when all this is behind us J

Until then, however, I’ll be snapping photos & trying to study…can’t ask for much more than that!


joyfuliving said...

yay!! oh, how i've missed reading you! ;) i love that picture idea...should i attempt that in dallas for 3 years?! hmm...might have to think about that one. but i LOVE it!

welcome back {kinda}...and i'm glad i can have someone to relate to in the whole packing endeavors. travel safe and see you on the other side!

Beth Pritchard said...

Hey Jlyn! Good to see everything appears to be well. Heard from Jon yet? Anyway....why is your home filled with Home Depot boxes? Is that stuff you're taking with you? Is the Army packing up your storage stuff? Or is this all on you?

Jodie said...

i love your picture idea. it gave me a fun idea for something else that i'd rather tell you in person. so come visit . . .

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