Wednesday, September 23, 2009

project 365: 09.14-20.09

because i am SO BEHIND on posting my Project 365 photos, i uploaded all of them into an album on Flickr can catch up on your own if you really care about my day-to-day that much :)

{monday: 09.14.09} in a last hurrah of studying, i spent all day at work & came back to Rusty & Gay's house to 'enjoy' a quiet evening of review. i managed to fit in a bit of photo editing & rotation-planning...& in the process seemed to get a small glimpse of life-around-the-corner from my test.
[no photo]

{tuesday: 09.15.09} the "BIG TEST!!" began at 9am. i showed up 30 minutes early & was allowed to start early. i promised myself before the test that i would not change my answers, as most of those changed during practice tests were changed to incorrect options. without using the extra time to review my questions, i was finished a whole TWO HOURS!!! earlier than expected! the new bethany dillon CD was first on my list to find, but none of the stores in town had it in yet. and so i settled for a new magazine instead (something i rarely, if ever, buy for myself). Gay & i ran a couple of errands together, stopped for dinner at Didier's (a local "diner"), & headed to see "Julie & Julia" (which will soon be added to my "feel good" movie collection when it comes out!). i returned to the house after my test to find that jon sent me flowers & chocolate--what more could i have asked for?!


{wednesday: 09.16.09} the first day back to work, our patient load was light! what a blessing! this cart is one frequently found in the hallways of the hospital--we gown-up, glove-up, & mask-up for the patients with current infections or a history of MRSA. ...and we wonder why our landfills are filling up so fast, stop getting sick, people!


{thursday: 09.17.09} my family (minus sisters) drove into town to take myself, my cousin, & a friend out to dinner. my mom was hilarious...& her jokes were even more funny because ALL of us were exhausted. it wasn't the first time we've caused a scene in a restaurant because of our laughter...


{friday: 09.18.09} one of the pretty "contact precautions" gowns that comes from the carts {09.16.09}. aside from working on saturday, it was my last day of internal medicine for this sub-internship...i don't think i'm meant to work in the hospital....


{saturday: 09.19.09} After finishing work earlier than expected, I hooked up with Korryn & friends & hit some of the local thrift stores for photography props. We had a great time...& God gave us an incredible sunset on Saturday...& the location of Rusty & Gay's house makes the colors all-the-more amazing!


{sunday: 09.20.09} With church in the morning, errands, & then breakfast with Korryn & Kyle, I spent a bit of time driving on Sunday. and since my recent purchase of the Colbie Callait CD, my car CD player has been playing the same 5-favorite-songs for the past 2 weeks. ...haven't gotten tired of them yet!


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