Saturday, December 26, 2009

thrifty: the embellished sweater

so wayyy back around veteran's day, i took a trip to our friendly Value Village. they were having a 50% of sale (on everything!!) & i just knew there'd be treasures waiting (you know, sort of like you know how eating 5 cupcakes will make your jeans tighter...).

when i go to thrift stores, i always look through the jackets, the blazers, the skirts, the dresses, & the sweaters. and the sweaters were a gold mine :) (well, okay, so were the jackets...& the dresses...more to come on thrifting methods & finds).

we (sister #1 & i) happened upon this plain cream-colored sweater from Ann Taylor. aside from the slightly worn & falling-off buttons, she was perfect.

korryn sweater.001

and at $3.50, the price wasn't too shabby either.

sister #1 just happened to have a birthday shortly after. so i made some flowers using this tutorial, & made some more flowers using this tutorial...

korryn sweater.004

then i reinforced the buttons & washed the sweater...

korryn sweater.002

and ended up with this little treasure.

korryn sweater.003

the flowers are removable for friendly washing--i attached them to a large piece of stiffened linen & sewed on three pins.

korryn sweater.005

and now, thanks to the $3.50 i spent, i'm a bit obsessed with making these.

would you like to see more of them? ...okay


Jennifer Juniper said...

Oh, it's just lovely! And it was a brilliant idea to make them removable. They never look the same after a wash :)

Sarah @ Hennessey House said...

oh my GOSH, this is so adorable! and it looks like something EXPENSIVE from a swanky artsy clothing boutique. nice job!

Tammy at Tattered and Timeless said...

Love it and now have to try those flowers.


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