Wednesday, April 07, 2010

dumpster diving.

yes, literally.

it all started when i was little. my mom & i were living in portland, she’d just severely injured her back, & we were moving. we needed boxes.

and those portland dumpsters had all the boxes we needed. so there i went…dumpster diving at the tender age of 6.

my skills have continued to develop. and despite a short break during the peak of my hormonal-i’m-too-cool-for-my-shorts teenaged years, i’m still pretty good at it.

so good at it, in fact, that during my run on monday afternoon i eagle-eye spotted a neighbors garbage can teeming with magazines. and i really happen to love magazines—just not when i have to buy them. i’ll take ‘em free from the airplane, leftover from the hospital, and yes, even old from my neighbors garbage.

i told jon what i was going to do:

skype conversation 04.05.10

he wasn’t very happy about it. mostly because he thinks i’m kind of weird anyways (doesn’t everybody?). and mostly because my parents live in a nice neighborhood—trash digging isn’t exactly kosher.

{and by the way, that is exactly how our conversations go: type one sentence –> disconnected –> type another sentence –> disconnected –> type to myself –> i am frozen on jon’s screen –> disconnected –> hang up.}

well. i did go. korryn & i went on a stealth mission. we even turned our car lights off. turns out, the garbage can belonged to her friend. and her friend’s mom was looking out the window the whole time. sweet.

but i got what i wanted.

garbage digging magazines little did i know that i’d be learning about rainbow quilts, avacado green, & wood paneling from 1975.

magazinesfromgarbage.001magazinesfromgarbage.004 magazinesfromgarbage.002 magazinesfromgarbage.003

…i suppose i could say the same thing about dumpster diving as they did about smoking back in the day…

it’s only natural.


Anonymous said...

I used to dumpster dive at the local university when classes were done in the spring. You wouldn't believe the things i got. Tommy Hilfiger jeans, designer shirts, laundry soap to last 6 months. Bags and bags of canned and dry food. Now they started a collection point and have a charity pick it up. At least it doesn't get wasted which was my beef.

Kate said...

Oh I love those magazines! I love collecting old magazines like that, totally takes you back and the recipes are always hilarious :)

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