Saturday, March 26, 2011


what would have been was wheeled by me today.

by a lady in black pants, ironed clean with pointy creases. she wore click-y shoes that tap tap tapped as she wheeled that little cart down the hallways.

that little cart carrying what would have been.

that little cart carrying
belly laughs
diaper blow-outs
first crawls
first steps
first words
first day of school.

that little cart carrying
and nighttime snuggles.
and will you read me a story.
fort building
cookie baking
dress up

that little cart carrying
slobbery kisses
childhood wishes
first big game
report cards

that little cart carrying
a graduation day
a wedding day

that little cart carrying
seeds of future generations

the lady in black tap tap tapped down the hallway to the staff elevators. where she pushed the button & took what would have been downstairs.

to the place that no one talks about.

what would have been died.
yesterday, maybe the day before.
her heart just stopped beating.
no one knows why.
she was ready to be born.
her due date was tomorrow.

for all that encompasses those little people i've been spending so much time bringing into the world lately, potential was lost. and i've been chanting Psalm 139 in my head all day. because Someone, Somewhere has to make sense of all this. and has to explain, in His own time, the human disconnect between what is & little what would have been.

1 comment:

Candy said...

Your words always leave me wrecked... not in a bad way, just in the way of reality.
When my Dad died (he was 51) I didn't get to see him in the hospital. It was unexpected and sudden and I lived 500 miles away. Sometimes it feels like a missing puzzle piece... maybe that is why your words mean so much... I just really wanted to say thank you for writing them. Thank you.

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