Monday, May 05, 2008

test week (again).

so it is test week (again). i've got a clinical practical on thursday. and oddly enough, i kind of feel like an "experienced" veteran ('experienced' as in i've done this 5-times and might have an idea of what to do sort-of veteran). and aside from the test, Board studying is now in full bloom since PBL is officially over. in other words: nothing has changed.

and so, as studying goes, it has been a bit of a boring couple of days. 6 hours of class yesterday. class + lab today. (read: my butt is sore from sitting so long).

i found this little treasure on YouTube tonight. and it is, by far, one of my new favorites :)

i'll bet you can't get through it without smiling!

1 comment:

Slices of Life said...

this is test week and you found that?! :) it'd she put it...bloody brilliant! you're right, smiling the whole time.

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