Thursday, May 01, 2008

when life stops for us.

after reading Sarah's post about the mysterious Gnome appearing in front of a Mt. St Helens camera, i had to chuckle @ the unique breed of people that seem to gravitate toward the Pacific Northwest. and i guess i'd qualify as one of them... jon & i certainly are hoping to return someday. someday.

and this morning i found this little video that quite literally made my day. if nothing else, it made me smile that in such a big city with cars & smog & honking & commerce & subways & mass transit...little ducklings & their mommies are still more important than being five minutes early to that big meeting at work...or being home in time to watch a favorite tv show....or getting a head start on that project that has sat untouched for too long.

and it made me smile because i couldn't help but think that sometimes God stops traffic for us. when the road we're on is just too dangerous and the path we'd take would result in certain destruction. He'll turn on His flashing lights & risk his own life to make sure we get to the other side safely.

...if only i could be as cute as a duckling.

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