Sunday, June 21, 2009

project 365: 06.08-21.09

{06.08.09: monday} celebrated my 25th birthday (wow, already?). but because the kitchen & food was mostly packed away, we had to improvise: angel food cake, frosting, trail mix for toppings (apparently there is a #25 on the top...), a noodle for the candle (note to self: noodles don't light very well), plastic plates & forks...& tissue for napkins. what you can't see is the apples my mom sliced to adorn our water glasses (in lieu of lemons, which we'd already given away) & the haphazard dinner we ate that night. a birthday to remember :)

{06.09.09: tuesday} a preview of our dinner picnic. tuesday was, by far, our busiest packing day. the house seemed full (& was!) in the morning...& with a little help lifting the heavy objects, it was mostly cleared out by the time we sat down for a carpet-picnic dinner in our bedroom (the only floor space not yet cleaned) at 10pm. the rolled up 'thing' behind us was our bed for that night--the memoryfoam mattress topper covered with old sheets. best sleep i've had in a while.06.09.09

{06.10.09: wednesday} we finished packing the second POD & surface cleaned the house (according to the provided checklist). this photo was taken around 11:30pm. jon sent me flowers for my birthday (thanks jon!!)--sunflowers & lilacs :) the perfect accessory to our hotel room--and the empty used-to-be-dining-room.

{06.11.09: thursday} jon called in the middle of the night on thursday. in our hotel room, the bathroom was the only place i could escape to. so there i was in my underwear & tanktop, with freshly manicured toes (thanks mom!), bed-hair...sitting on the toilet in the bathroom. we tried for over an hour to get webcam to work but the network connection was too slow.

{06.12.09: friday} the car transport company finally got their truck out of the shop...& the nice smiley man picked it up on friday evening. timing (God's, not ours) was perfect.
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{06.13.09: saturday} after getting voluntarily bumped from our flight back home, we spent the night in Atlanta with family.06.13.09

{06.14.09: sunday} two days traveling, a few run-ins with airport staff (& almost security!), i'd never been so relieved to see the open spaces & windy river of the town i'll call home for the next year :)

{06.15.09: monday} my first night back at the parent's casa & we filled our evening with salmon, wine, & talk in the crisp (non-humid!) air outside on the deck. i forgot how much i love summers here!

{06.16.09: tuesday} putting my face on for the day...jet-lagged, emotionally drained, & exhausted after a somewhat sleepless night, i needed the extra eyeliner in my morning routine.

{06.17.09: wednesday} a clear picture & sound when jon called. :) our conversation was cut short because he was needed elsewhere...but i got a little sneak peak at what his morning routine was like...

{06.18.09: thursday} my preceptor called in me a FREE full day to study! i studied most of the morning & at least a few hours in the afternoon--just long enough to realize i've got a long ways to go before i feel remotely ready for Boards in September.

{06.19.09: friday} on call...luckily, no phone calls in the middle of the night. the family was out of town...& i caught up on computer work--with a surprise webcam opportunity with jon thrown in the mix. i'll take those surprises anyday.

{06.20.09: saturday} drove to yakima to visit the Clark's. my little brother had grown a lot since the last time i'd seen him...a few extra pounds and a LOT of extra energy.

{06.21.09: sunday} HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!!! we spent the day talking, movie watching (UP!! such an adorable have-to-own-it movie! and it's even better in 3-D!!!), & eating...couldn't ask for much more than that!06.21.09

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Mary & Jake said...

Wow what a trip! SOunds like a little fun, alittle craziness, and a whole lot of changes! Good luck with everything!

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