Sunday, June 28, 2009

project 365: 06.22-28.09

{06.22.09: monday} i've tried hard lately to include quiet time in my morning routine. most nights i'm just too tired to stay awake...& being that i'm not much of a morning person you can see how a quiet time of prayer & reading has been hard to fit in....

{06.23.09: tuesday} after getting dressed for work, i walked outside to water the flowers with 10 minutes left to my 'time of departure' (i like to be punctual...). little did i know that my pant legs would be soaked by the time my watering task was done.06.23.09

{06.24.09: wednesday} i started sleeping with my review books. scandalous, i know. but i figure that if God's wants to experiment with osmosis on my brain, i might as well be ready. i slept hard on tuesday night after an intense BodyPump class & managed to kick the books off my bed. in the midst of my REM sleep cycle, i awoke to a giant crash as the book went flying toward the wall. i woke up the following morning to find that i'd almost destroyed the book's binding...maybe it'll make it look like i've been studying more....?

{06.25.09: thursday} with my preceptor at Continuing Medical Education (CME) classes, i had two full days to study. i took advantage of it...& also took advantage of the beautiful 90-something-degree weather here & spent a good portion of the afternoon outside. my lovely canvas bucket hat was a purchased at the end of last summer for $1.00 at GAP--i've burned my face too many times to prevent wrinkles at age 50...i figure this will at least prevent more damage!

{06.26.09: friday} my sweet 81-year-old Grandma in Arizona sent me a (belated) birthday present. she recently moved into a (deluxe) assited living apartment complex & seems to be enjoying herself... when i opened this box i found the most creative packaging in history: used styrofoam cups as padding. apparently this is the frugally green version of bubble wrap.

{06.27.09: saturday} we did a little rearranging on the parental homefront--i now have a "study station" in my room--free from the distractions of good food, a full pantry, & my crazy sisters. i am not, however, protected from the 16 & 17-year-old clothing scavengers that appear in my room at least three times each day...06.27.09

{06.28.09: sunday} a day just like a Sunday should be :) a phone call AND webcam session with jon, church (with cake!), a nap, catching up on blog-reading, and suprise ice cream treat with one of my favorite families!

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Jodie said...

I am also trying to incorporate quiet time into my morning routine. I got a "kick in the butt" (Brett's words not mine) from our pastor about it this morning. You'll enjoy the sermon on perseverance if you're still listening to the podcasts every once in awhile. Maybe we should reinstate accountability partners this summer?

Also, I had a reaction to your text book and almost tried to clear it off the table for dinner before I realized it was a photo and not, in fact, the one I clear off the table every single night before dinner.

Also, cute shoes.

Also, I cannot wait until July 10th.

**Awkward goodbye**

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