Thursday, June 24, 2010

the golden summer month.

Oh where has the time gone? Really? Over a month since I visited this little space? I guess I’ve had a couple of excuses—and when I haven’t had an excuse, I just haven’t felt like writing.

I’m amazed (totally amazed) this summer at how busy I’ve kept myself sans job. And this confirms it: staying home is hard work! My schedule is leisurely (which I’m soaking up while I have the luxury) but more days than not, four o’clock rolls around & I’m still scratching my head at how time skipped so many hours in the middle of the twenty-four.

Its been quiet around here, for the most part. We’ve rid ourselves of the television, much to my elation. Jon’s job has kept him just busy enough to come home at a reasonable time in mid-afternoon, where he finds me waiting for him usually on my computer (except yesterday when he caught me nodding off to sleep while trying to catch up on studying). We’ve put some miles on our car (the one car here over the summer), added some airtime to our mileage programs, & shared more than our fair-share of wine & conversation with those we love. We've trudged through difficult conversations (he held my hand the whole time), had midnight talks under the covers like 12-year-olds at a sleepover, sipped coffee on saturday morning in our pj's, & caught more than one Carolina rainstorm (oh how i'll miss those!).

All in all, his first month back has been, well, lovely. We keep walking around waiting for one or the other of us to leave, to pack our bags and have to say goodbye yet again. But it isn’t happening. And as the reality of living together slowly sinks in, so does the joy that comes along with it. THIS is what we’ve missed out on?

In an odd way, the monotony & simplicity of our routine is where we find the most beauty in our marriage right now. The ‘knowing’ that we'll leave pajamas out on the bed, Jon’s workout clothes on the floor, the shower curtain left open instead of closed, the computer screen glowing at night…the list goes on. Its fun, really, to keep discovering. The 3-years & many, many miles we've put on our marriage offers a vague familiarity--and yet, it is all new again. And we’ve got so much growth ahead of us—to say we are excited about it is an understatement.

We are rounding the bend on June and, my gosh, what happened to this golden summer month?

A lot, actually.

Stay tuned.

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