Saturday, November 13, 2010

fanny pack.

the waistbands of my pants are all stretched out. and i didn't figure out why until tonight.

originally, i'd thought that poptarts & yogurt for dinner might be the culprit. but surely my body knows that when the hospital cafeteria is closed, calories don't count....

and when i tried to pee tonight & my pants nearly flopped in the toilet, i finally realized that perhaps it is the TEN POUNDS of technology attached to my waistband.


left to right: name badge. pager. on-call cell phone. personal cell phone.
not pictured: 2 pens. clipboard. stack of reading material. water bottle.

as a HILARIOUS side note about my pager...i asked tayte (sister, 17 years old) what it was.

an insulin pump? i didn't know you were diabetic!

a gum case? seriously!?!?!?!? they make those?

a cell phone? wait...where are the buttons?

and no folks, she'd never seen one before. neither had the paint boy at Home Depot who asked me what the heck that black thing was i happened to be wearing on my belt.

which is either a sure-fire sign that i'm getting old. or that i need a fanny pack.

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