Thursday, February 09, 2006

notes of interest

i was listening to music last night. lots of it. good stuff--really really good stuff. i was listening to it surrounded by some of the women i love the most; and it was then that i realized something.

i LOVE music. i love it.

not especially musically inclined. can plunk out a few notes on the piano and have managed to learn a few chords on the guitar. played the recorder once, even. but i can't imagine music--God didn't give me that piece of Himself.

so this is a shout out to all those who do have that piece of God. i hope you realize how much of a gift it is. how incredibly lucky you are to create something straight from God's imagination--something in beat with the rhythms of God own heart. i hope you realize just how much talent you have....and i hope you want to share it. God, quite literally, put a song in your heart.....and the world is waiting to hear it :)

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