Tuesday, February 07, 2006


in order to compensate for my lack of responsibility toward this blog in the past week, i decided to be daring and post twice in one day. the "wow-factor" is huge, i know.

i just needed to announce how extremely excited i am for spring.

new sky. excited for blue skies and clouds and constant sunshine.

new air. excited for rain....REALLY excited for spring rain showers--they are my favorite. and taking a walk in the rain sounds delightful.

new animals. excited for chirping birds and new life. something magical about God's kingdom waking up after a long winter.

new growth. i LOVE love love love all the new growth spring brings. new leaves on the trees. new flowers in the ground. especially excited for tulips and daffodils and daisy's---they are my ultimate favorite flowers ever.

new feelings. i think, in a sense, spring brings us out of our hibernations too. don't quite know what it is exactly---but spring brings a sense of hope, a sense of satisfaction, and a sense of reassuring comfort that God is in control. that He will once again fill the sky with sunshine and heat and blanket the earth in green.

and He always does :)

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