Thursday, March 16, 2006

dream big

so i've discovered something this week: no dream is too big to come true.

i am disneyworld...(pretty "magical" place, if you ask me) and really enjoying myself :) enjoying time with my family and the timmons'. it totally amazes me: that walter elias disney had a dream--a huge dream that people laughed at--and THIS, this is what it turned into. WOW. no dream is too big to come true.

we walk around the parks (yes, i had no idea but there are LOTS of parks) and i am in awe of all the creativity, the artistry, the big DREAMS that this place is full of. [i am also in awe of all the nose-picking-leg-kicking-tongue-sticking-out children here]. i was never 'into' disney...never into the princesses or princes or "magic" of it all. but this trip has changed me a bit. i understand the liking of this place--and it truly is magical :)

(i would share some pictures...but i forgot to bring the software to download them...oops!!)

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