Thursday, March 02, 2006


kinda funny. {and not a 'haha' type of funny; funny as in oh-my, holy cow...can't believe it.}

funny that spring break is after next week. funny that i haven't written in almost a week (and last semester a day couldn't go by without me needing to share). funny that i have about 10 pages left in my journal i started in november--whomever invented pens...i am eternally grateful. funny that i feel older by the day, that graduation is in 2 months, and that i start school again, probably across the country, in 5 months. holy wow.

funny that God has surprised me--let me surprise myself. funny that my life plan has been severely interrupted....and funny that i am grateful for it.

funny how human i am. how much i mess up. how much i trip and slip. i amaze myself daily with my complete ignorance. funny {and amazing} how forgiving, gracious, and lavish the blessings of God are...He continues to amaze me.

here are some [pieces] for you :)

from every direction in the sky
i can hear the oceans cry
out to your name in awe

and still i stand in reverence
basking in your holiness
for the many miracles i saw

the falling snow, the changing trees
coming of the brand new spring
the sunrise and moonshine
for made it
the cross and nails and bearing scorn
my entrance in the holy room
all you've done and all you do
you, my king...are majestic.

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