Wednesday, March 08, 2006

more than ever

[note: added pictures (clink on "Portraits" link at right)]
[sad note: Bachelor Travis & Sarah broke up....prayers for them (wink wink)]

i am ready for spring. ready for newness and fresh dew on the grass (instead of frost). ready for baby birds--i'll even take chirping birds at this point--and sunshine and blue skies. ready to put away my wool sweaters and winter eskimo coats and scarves and hats and gloves and long johns and mittens and socks and slippers. ready for spring--more than ever.

i am ready for this week to be over. i definitely do not win the blogger-of-the-year award--ready for my stress level to decrease in, what i hear, is the most magical place on Earth. continually amazed at my ability to find things to do other than my homework, i am ready for this week to be over--more than ever.

i realized while i was journaling last night that God, being 'the dude', has already answered one of my hugest prayers from childhood. my prayer was that i would be better, stronger, more able because of the situation with my parents; that my experience through their divorce and court hearings, etc. would turn into a blessing. and guess what?!! 'the dude' is good!!! i realized that He has protected my heart and kept me focused on academics in order to carry out His will for my life (part of it at least) because He knows how easily i get distracted, sidetracked. if i hadn't been through the muck with the divorce...if i hadn't put steel bars up around my heart, maybe my life would be in an entirely different place. so i am thankful that i'm not ready to jump on the bandwagon that seems to be so popular right now. and i am thankful for my parents' situation. and i am especially thankful for obedience and faith--more than ever :)

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