Thursday, May 18, 2006

checking in. blogging in.

school is over. i am officially alumni @ Gonzaga. i am officially feeling older than ever. it is still all so surreal. so unreal that i was there for 4 years. that i learned SO much. that i now know so little.

and giving credit properly where credit is due, i'm lifting it alllll up to the One and Only....the Man with the Plan. so much anticipation...anxiety...and yeah, i'll admit it: fear. of what the future holds...of what it might not hold. scary--life, i mean. but nonetheless satisfying knowing that it is all planned in advance by the Ruler of the Universe Himself.

i'm trusting. totally trusting. because, guess what!?! it is all that i can do.

all that i can do
is hold onto you
and follow where you lead
where you're leading me
all that i can do
is hold onto you
and let you bring me through
it's all that i can do
-bethany dillon (aka: my teenage hero)
and on another note...or blog, rather, you will find updates on my current travel :) check this out (if you'd like to know):

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