Thursday, May 25, 2006

still here. still in maui. and still baking myself daily. pretty great, if you ask me.

but also ready to come home. ready to go through my stuff (TLC Clean Sweep style...will be SUPER fun...planning on have SELL/KEEP/TOSS piles and everything). ready to see jon again. ready to see little puff-ball again. ready to eat a big fatty popsicle. ready to just lay on my huge beanbag and soak in being home.

excited for hugs. for new scrapbooking stuff i am planning on getting when i'm in spokane ( can come with could be fun--wink wink). excited for life on the mainland. cuz guess what!?! it is different than here.

really praying about mission work. God planted a seed in my heart about 8 years ago...and its been steadily growing since then. itching to get to school...excited to learn about the human body (but still coveting prayers for motivation). ready to use my hands and heart to help those in need.......

all in all: i am just thankful today. reality is sinking in that i am done at GU. that i am moving across the country. that i am turning a new page. and i'm excited to read what is on it. excited for trips this summer. excited to move in to my cute little guest house. excited to see what adventures God has in store for me; becuase guess what!?! i am SURE there are plenty.

praying for motivation. for wisdom and discernment. for purity and a continually guarded heart. for honesty and optimism. and for time and confidence: in relationships, in repairing relationships, in maintaining friendships, in spending intimate time with the Creator of the Universe.

it still blows my mind that i can do that. that i can sit down and talk to the One who made every living thing on this Earth. the One who handcrafted each blade of grass and sprinkles each raindrop in precisely the spot He chooses. the One who raises mountains and hugs orphans...the One who has enough time to throw galaxies into place and listen to my heart. WOW.

and on a totally new note....WOW are these beautiful women i have the privledge of calling my sisters....

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