Tuesday, May 09, 2006

worth at least a mouthful

can't really seem to make my brain work right now--or so it seems to me. it might be kinda full with study-material...or other stuff. SO ready to be done right now....finding it increasingly difficult to concentrate on what i am supposed to be doing. less than 48 hours and i will, technically, be done . that is crazy to me--absolutely crazy...that i have been here 4 years. that i started high school almost 8 years ago. feeling older every second.

thought i'd illustrate the pieces of my life since friday in pictures.... reason being that i haven't had much to say lately--brain is apparently in hibernation ;)

Mary & Jake got engaged on Friday...surprise engagement party (planned so sneakily by Jake @ Catacombs)

Big Al's night on Friday night--SOOOO fun!! and i think my date was pretty cool too ;)...okay okay he was awesome!

(can i put these on here?!?!) lil' surprise for the coolest dude (and most patient dude this week....especially with me!!) on saturday morning. i think the pictures are relatively self-explanatory....

followed up our visit to Merlyn's with a trip to Costco for sampling and lunch....

hung out with Brad later on Saturday. watched Anchorman. nap. bed. :)

sunday = homework, church, photo developing, a WONDERFUL walk with a wonderful guy, starbucks (yum!), and studying....

....and today was filled with studying (but not enough of it), taking my books back to the bookstore (i was 1st in line!!!), starbucks (okay i admit it), double checking my box of 87 graduation announcements i am sending out tomorrow, and a nap (you'd think i was 2 years old again or something).

LOTS more to do tomorrow. meeting in the morning. reviewing. appoitment tomorrow early afternoon. and then i'll just be stuck in my apartment---studying my brains out :)

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