Monday, August 07, 2006

the beginning.

well. i am here. in lewisburg. and while i never thought this day would come, it has come--and gone. quickly--way too quickly, it seems right now.

but i am here. sitting at my desk. while my chicken is cooking for dinner. one full day--the first day--of orientation behind me. and many unremembered names later, i am confident--but nonetheless apprehensive--that THIS is where God wants me.

and yes, i was that nerdy this morning that i took a picture of myself on my first day of school. it was like big-kid first grade all over again.

it is comfortable here. the people are nice. my little cottage is cozy. it is quiet and hot (which i love) and rainy and thunderstormy. and there are no bugs, except spiders in my bathtub. and apples are $3.99 per pound (a foreign USD amount to me, living forever before in Washington state where apples are abundant). and my landlords are really nice. and i have a roof and food and bounds of knowledge awaiting my learning.

we talked today in orientation about changes. the change coming here. the change that needs to take place in personal spending habits. and perhaps most importantly the emotional change that will take place in all of us (us being the first year students) by the years end. and as much as i am scared for that change--how it will affect me personally, my relationships, my outlook on life, i am trusting that God will change me as well...for the better.

and guess what God did for me today already?? he introduced me, completely randomly, to 2 other christians! how cool is that?? out of the almost-200 students that were at orientation today, i met 2 wonderful girls that both turned out to be christians. so church buddies, here i come :)

His fingerprints continue to pop up in the most unexpected places. in notes from home. in blessings of waived late fees. in hard working companies who really care about their customers. in early flights and cheap books and new beginnings. yes, God really is in just have to look hard enough to find Him.

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