Thursday, December 13, 2007

dear jon.

so i'm just sitting here. just finished my lectures for tomorrow. my butt hurts--i've been sitting on it all day.

i'm listening to a great mix of songs online (on someone's blog). { "dream" by priscilla ann } and i was just thinking about you. the song is about a "dream" (go-figure, huh??). and the girl in the song is ready to die...essentially. kind of morbid, i know. but it made me think about how amazingly COOL marriage is.

the fact that we get to be best friends. AND live togther (someday). AND just experience life together.

i think about your parents...and in their almost-30-years of marriage just how much they have been through together. and that is JUST SO COOL.
and i'm excited to experience life with you. God's got great things planned--I know He does.

things that we could not even dare to dream.
and joys we haven't been prepared yet to experience.
but that is just the point...the "experience".

and i'm SO LUCKY to do life with you.

~ me :)

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