Thursday, January 29, 2009

01.28.09 a day in the life

i guess you could call it writers block--i've been experiencing (experiencing?) a bit of trouble writing writers river is all dried up :) so instead, i'm resorting to pictures until the flood gates open & i'm once again inspired...

i thought it might be fun to share little snippets of a "typical" day on this rotation....the description below runs from left to right beginning at the top row.... 1) lunch packed? check. have purse? check. ready to walk out the door? check.
2) on the drive to work--what a metropolis i live in!!
3) arrive @ work & am greeted by the office door reminding me that this rotation is all about babies, boobs, & crotches ;)
4) step into the "patient education room", which i have since officially dubbed the "study room"--since it is where i sit ALL DAY studying.
5) this is where my bottom side rests most of the day...see how organized my preceptor is? (sarcasm, people, sarcasm)
6) my slew of bags waiting to be opened: book bag, purse, lunch box
7) books ready to be studied...i make quite a mess by the end of the day with all my pens & books, etc.--you'll see :)
8) if my preceptor is late (& he usually is), i get to watch Good Morning America & all the semi-ridiculousnes the show brings. today however, the show was frequently interrupted by a "Winter Weather Warning" for HIGH WINDS--as if a hurricane was going to come get us in the mountains...
9) in the time i was waiting for my preceptor, i watched Good Morning America, was scared to the high heavens about that horrid wind warning (not!), organized my study materials, & thumbed through a cross-cultural "baby book" where i found this hilarious photo :) i think i'm making one of these for our kids when they finally least they can't go anywhere!!
10) the studying begins...
11) a few patients later & we get a call from the hospital informing us that one of our patients is 6cm the the labor & delivery floor!
12) waiting for the baby to come (lots of watiting on this rotation)...i read a magazine all about list making & had one foot in heaven ;)
13) baby still wasn't there, so i was dismissed for a quick 10 minute lunch. ran down to the cafeteria where they have a microwave & slurped my soup...
14) still waiting....entered my daily food intake into my fancy calorie counter...
15) yay!! baby came! it was an adorable little girl....and i might have gotten a bit teary eyed...or not. i'm not telling. the photo is the 'evidence' from the delivery, since i wasn't allowed to bring my camera in the room
16) hand washing can review the stages of cervical dilation if you'd like on that fancy blue+white tray behind the sink! how thoughtful, huh?
17) self portrait.
18) back to the office. 5 more physicals. writing notes on patient charts...
19) ready to go. still more patients to see.
20) found a book from 1899....
21) ...learned how to make a "nursing bra", in case anyone is interested....
22) finally! walking to my car
23) after 5:30...yup, definitely time to ditch that popcicle stand ;)
24) drive home from work. it was raining :)
25) dinner & email checking
26) change clothes for the gym
27) inside the classroom @ the gym--BodyPump on Wednesday nights...
28) post-gym facebook check
29) post-workout snack
30) at 10pm i drank a cup of green chai tea...& conveniently forgot about the HIGH caffeine content....i finally fell asleep after midnight :)

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