Friday, January 30, 2009

spring pillows.

well, here they are :) new bright green pillows to welcome in the spring season! it was a bit of a stretch for me & i surprised myself when i walked out of the store with green fabric...but i LOVE THEM :) {lighting is really bad...sorry!}

we invested in high quality pillow "fillers" at Pottery Barn right after we were married. now, each season (or month, depending on how ambitious i feel!) i either buy new covers on clearance or make them to fit the "fillers". we don't change anything else in the house (except around christmas time) so it is actually a wonderfully inexpensive way to decorate!
this fabric was, again, on sale & totalled about $30 :) i finished all of them in under 4 hours!

1 comment:

Alex! said...

the amount of things you accomplish is disturbing :) I admire your non-lazy, get 'r done attitude. good work kid. kid? yeah cuz I'm older than you...anyway I admire you :)

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