Friday, March 06, 2009

goodbye, psych.

i've been here a month. MONTH!!! time really has gone by quickly, despite my complaining & moaning about being so isolated. and above all else, my time away has allowed me to recalibrate spend time each day in the Word...& to appreciate my family, my husband, & my health on an entirely new level.

the purpose of these rotations is to open our eyes to what we love...& sometimes they do the exact opposite: this was one of those times. i don't like psychiatry. i don't like pumping my patients full of medication. i don't like not being able to laugh with them, talk with them, be real with them...i don't like the lack of mutual appreciation or the annoying tendencies so many of the patient's have.

my respect for psychiatrists has sky-rocketed. i'll be honest that prior to this rotation, i thought they were deep intellectuals who enjoyed pharmacology & analysis. and they are ...but they are so much more than that.



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Mary & Jake said...

Yes the titanic exhibit was awesome! And YES of course you can come visit and we will even give you a bed and a bathroom of yoru own! and food and lots of sight seeing and oh my goodness it would be much fun if you came down! You tell us when are we are ready!! Love you J!

Anonymous said...

Your photos are beautiful. I love how you caught non-identifying portions of people, the sheen of the floor, the texture of the charts.

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