Sunday, August 02, 2009

project 365: 07.27-08.02.09

{monday: 07.27.09} see this couch? it calls to me. seriously. i walk in the door from work with good intentions...& two seconds on that couch leaves me in a deep dreaming slumber that throws all studying good-intentions aside. NOT GOOD!!


{tuesday: 07.28.09} it was a HOT week here...the dry heat almost unbearable even in the backyard lap pool. and smart me decided to take a hot (long) bath after being on my feet all day. typically i wake up after 1 hour in a tub of frigid water....not so much this time....i leapt out & stood in front of a fan to cool off....


{wednesday: 07.29.09} my mom bought fruit loops. BAD IDEA, mom. i LOVE fruit loops. and cinnamon toast crunch. and cereal in general (which i'll admit i eat for dinner sometimes when i'm home alone). fortunately, my parents have a plethora of small 20 fruit loops later & i'm totally satisfied :)


{thursday: 07.30.09} after my success in finishing my cardiology-specific-study-book, i gave myself a goal to be through my OB/GYN study book in 10 days. i was done in FIVE!!! go me!


{friday: 07.31.09} i admit it: i had ice cream. but only because my mom made huckleberry pie. jon still talks about the huckleberry pie we ate for my birthday (i prefer pie to cake) back in is that good. see??! i told you i had an excuse!


{saturday: 08.01.09} with it being so hot, my parents decided to turn up the A/ me no choice but to walk around in a thick hooded sweatshirt, draped in a fleece blanket. you can't see my feet but they are wearing winter-thick fuzzy socks.


{sunday: 08.02.09} rusty & gay (jon's parents) drove down for the day to say hello! we had a great time together...they treated me to lunch & a FREE! trip to Toys R Us. you can tell me your's okay ;)


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