Thursday, August 06, 2009

thrifty: the transformed suitcase.

so i hurt my neck this week. lifting weights. trying to be tough, i lifted a too-heavy barbell with one hand. apparently my temporary lapse in memory seared itself into my muscle memory--i've had neck spasms all week.

and yesterday i finally broke down & paid for my own stupidity: i got a massage. i'll just put it out there that i hate massages. rub my feet & i'll be your friend forever...but my neck & back (& other nether regions) are off-limits.

i endured the 30 minutes of torture.

and today? my neck is worse.

BUT!! there was a thrift store right up the street from the spa (how ridiculous does that sound?!). and my car just drove me there! can you believe it?

i've been looking for chairs to either reupholster or paint for photography props. they didn't have any. but i did spot a poor little suitcase & picnic blanket, c. 1976.


let me just interject here...lately i've been drooling over blogs about interior design & repurposing ugly items. i've listed my favorite sources of inspiration at the end of this post.

here is our picnic blanket...i'm thinking that jon will refuse to lay on it with me. he'll just have to buy me fabric to make a picnic quilt to his liking, then. :) problem sovled!



and here is our neglected little suitcase sitting in the yard.

old tin suitcase 2

ready to see what i did with it??!

...that'll have to wait until tomorrow. :)

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allbowerpower said...

Thanks for the linky love darling. I love a good before/after just as much as the next gal :)

XO - Katie

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