Thursday, August 06, 2009


i've always loved taking pictures. in the old days of film, i'd waste 10, twelve rolls snapping shots of my little sisters in princess garb, sitting on plastic chairs in the middle of their playroom.

they were horrible pictures.

but i've stuck with it. and my love for that viewfinder has only grown.

something amazing happens when you capture moments, unexpected & frozen. because we learn in life, moments don't last forever.

this project is nothing short of amazing. when i wrote this blog post back on my geriatrics rotation, i couldn't help but pour my heart of sadness into the thoughts of those "forgetful" people roaming the halls of the nursing home.

but then i learned that they don't miss their loved ones. and just as soon as they forget where they are, who they are, what they are--they don't remember what they've asked in the first place. they aren't lonely. they don't process our presence or absence. they have no sense of time.

but pictures do. snapshots of moments. frozen.

and now, more than ever, i am inspired.

inspired to take more photos. catch more moments. frame more views.

memories are fleeting. pictures are forever.

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