Sunday, November 01, 2009

project 365: 10.26-11.01.09

{monday: 10.26.09} first day of interventional radiology. my preceptor is fantastic--one of those who remembers that hey! you have a life! and hey! you don't need to be here half-falling-asleep for 8 hours a day!! let me just say, my week was fabulous.


{tuesday: 10.27.09} my parents were out of town. which meant i was honored with "laundry duty". and really? it is kind of oddly therapeutic for me to fold laundry--the O.C.D.-monster in me comes out, though...& see those towels? the fact that they are folded so flat & symmetrical makes me just a bit too excited for normalcy...


{wednesday: 10.28.09} being that i've stayed up wayyyy past my bedtime the last week-or-so, i decided at 12:30am that painting my nails was a good idea. they haven't been painted since june...& since our wedding (2 years ago) before that. i still think it was a good idea. not so much the staying-up-too-late, though...definitely paid for that one on thursday!


{thursday: 10.29.09} i found a fabric flower template & decided that i was going to "fancy-up" my clothes. i had a bit too much fun...i've made something almost every night. thanks alot jcrew.


{friday: 10.30.09} in my now almost nightly fashion of transforming into June Cleaver, i also "fancied-up" this black shirt. (korryn is modeling, thank you sister). it was SO EASY. and kind of cute, yes?


{saturday: 10.31.09} this week i brought out what i have unofficially dubbed my "fall shoes": leather clogs with the perfect combination of comfort & non-make-your-feet-sweaty warmth.


{sunday: 11.01.09} my mom randomly won 4 new (SO! GOOD!) CD's from Positive Life Radio. and so i stole them....errr....borrowed them. that francesca, she is pretty awesome!


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Jodie said...

I LOVE Francesca Battistelli! That's the last cd I got too. We should sit together and listen to them. Would that be weird?

Also, super cute fabric creations. Why did you get all that talent and leave me with none? My children will have no memories of the cute things their mom made them. Could you help me out with that?

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