Tuesday, November 10, 2009

project 365: 11.02-11.08.09

{monday: 11.02.09} i actually decided to make myself presentable in the morning...the "comfortable-ness" didn't last long. i wish they'd come out with "professional sweatpants"...


{tuesday: 11.03.09} so i decided to make jon's christmas present (what else do i get him?!). and in just 3 hours (using this tutorial), i'd ironed, cut, & sewn this ENTIRE quilt top. it still needs to be basted & finished...but it was super fast & super fun :) {all the solid fabrics are pillow cases from value village...& the red back of the quilt is a sheet from [none other than] value village}


{wednesday: 11.04.09} we missed bodypump...& it got dark too fast to run safely. so p90x abs had us at hello. tough stuff, i tell 'ya.


{thursday: 11.05.09} round #2 helping at the high school concession stands. pretty hilarious to see all the high schoolers consume 7.6 cheeseburgers each....if only they knew.


{friday: 11.06.09} my feet. and apparently i was a bit fixated on my feet during these 7 days. i have at least THREE photos of my feet (one not shown here). kind of weird. moving on....i took this while i was waiting for my preceptor during a procedure. i made myself stand in the hallway so i wouldn't fall asleep in the dark, warm, reading room...


{saturday: 11.07.09} i woke up early to head to bodypump. my least favorite instructor taught & i went home somewhat disappointed. the effort is what counts, though...right?!


{sunday: 11.08.09} jon called. we skyped for TWO HOURS. hold on, let me type that again....TWO HOURS. i couldn't believe it. like real conversation. laughter. talking. joking. and God reminded me...i kind of like my husband....i like him a lot, actually.


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