Saturday, July 26, 2008

household EUREKA!! #1

see that fancy bottle of smell-ness? that you are supposed to spray on your couch & curtains & sniff for hours? you know, like the commercials? yeah, that the photo?

well little did you know that it has been holding out on us. its been a two-timing bottle of smell-ness magic. all this time sitting in my cupboard working its magic at night when in fact, it has had a day job all along.

occuption: FLY KILLER.

its pretty cool stuff. and if you are cool like me, you can pretend you are on a wild safari hunt & the bottle of smell-ness is a taser gun that paralyzes the flies. because lets be honest, that really is what it does!

1. find nasty germ-munching fly
2. recruit bottle of smell-ness from its slumber in the cupboard
3. sneak up on germ-munching fly
4. spray
5. wipe paralyzed fly up with kleenex
6. wash hands
7. wash hands again
8. take off sanitary suit & remove biohazard tape from area

oh wait. nix #8. that is my other job.

but i'm totally serious. you should try it. and if you don't own a bottle of smell-ness, you should buy one. and if you don't have any flies to kill, you should get some.

if for no other reason than to pretend you are on a wild safari with a taser gun.

1 comment:

mama-k said...

HAHAHAHA...i just have to say that i LOVED this blog! cracks me up! you probably dont remember me but im a friends of beths and i was looking at blogs that were on her page and it directed me to yours! which im glad becasue i actually picture you hunting flies in the house! good laugh! thanks!

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