Thursday, July 17, 2008

early bird.

remember a few months ago when i was trying my best to become a morning person? remember that? well i think my life long quest is well on its way to victory. considering the fact that my husband leaps (literally, leaps) out of bed at 5am each morning, i don't have much room to brag about my morning glories....but i'm still bragging anyways.

i have to be at work each morning at 8am. which means that because i am supposed to be early each day to check on the patient we are going to see throughout the day, i actually have to be at work at 7:45...leaving the house no later than 7:30. and since i'm not much of a primper in the morning, it only takes me 35 minutes and 47 seconds to get ready--bed to door. but most morning there is that shower that i happen to fall asleep in more times than not. oops.


i've been getting "up" at 5:30 most mornings with good intentions to work out. that hasn't happened so much. well okay, at all (with the exception of 3 mornings). and i'm sad to admit that as i keep driving through life, i am pretty sure that if i can't claim victory over my morning-ness, i won't ever work out again. its either morning or nothing.

and so THIS morning was quite a shock when i rolled over and saw 6:30 on my alarm clock. you see, i have this morning off from work (i'm supposed to be reading...oops) and don't have to show up until noon. and i woke up VOLUNTARILY with NO ALARM at 6:30 am. did you know that it is barely light by 6:30am?? i did. because i've been getting up at 5:30.

i won't tell you that i rolled over & slept until 8:30 (the hour at which my poor husband had been up for 3.5 hours). and that i am writing on here instead of reading. and that i am fully planning on working out but the Popcorn Moose Munch my mom bought me is sounding much better, even at 9am.

so yeah. early bird--that's me. and call me crazy, but i'd actually like to get up earlier. i'll have to talk to my REM cycle about that so as not to interrupt it.

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