Thursday, July 31, 2008

meet jack.

our neighborhood two eared, hopping friend.
he is small. and tiny.
and cute-ish.
and quite picky about the carrots he eats.
when i asked jon where he thought his mom was, he told me maybe he doesn't have one. which immediately brought me back to the traumatic first time i watched Bambi as a child. i balled. beside myself, i balled. tears streamed down my red cheeks. i remember hiding under the blanket i was wrapped in. because i didn't know what had happened to Bambi's mama. and then when the truth came out that the cute little white-tailed deer was all alone, it was more than my heart could take.
and so i certainly hope that our little rabbit friend jack has a mama. because i'm emotional enough these days. another outbreak might just make my eyes swell shut. or my tears dry up. or my cheeks turn permantly red. and with another emotional outbreak, i might just climb under the covers of my bed and stay there until june 2010 when i'm supposed to graduate & jon is supposed to be back from deployment and korryn is supposed to throw that ugly square cap in the air and move onto college; when my days will have their own sets of challenges that aren't on the horizon yet.
yes, june 2010. i think i can manage to sleep until then under my blanket. as long as my mama comes to visit.

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