Saturday, July 26, 2008

in celebration.

well. it's official.


i found out last night around 6pm. and after my semi-panic attacks each day this week, my armpits decided they were tired of the profuse sweating that happened each time. so they quit--shortly after i found out i wouldn't have to sit through another 8-hour-finger-print-taking test. THANK THE LORD.

we celebrated with dinner, that was really mostly for our anniversary last week. we just didn't have time before last. and i ate way more than i was supposed to. but that has become a regular thing anyhow, so whats new right? after dinner we headed out to a local (crazy!) piano bar for my first social hour since 2006. okay just kidding. but not really.

this morning my eyes popped open at 6:30 (involuntarily, can you believe it??). and since jon was snoring away, i figured i'd make the best use of my time by heading out to some yard sales on post. but i was sorely disappointed to find that all of them were full of pink & blue & toys for tots. and since we won't be needing any of that anytime soon, i stayed in my car & returned home within 30 minutes of leaving.

but it was still early. so i decided to play june cleaver & make fresh bread. what else do people do on saturday morning?
breadmaking adventures lead to a cleaning spree. and then paperwork. and then a long long nap on the couch.

my special request in celebration of passing was a giant milkshake and a trip to the dollar store. jon supported my reversion to childhood & even opened the door for me during our outing (well, he always does that...).

and i'm happy to announce that in addition to the 5 pounds i just gained from drinking the entire milkshake, the dollar store treated me well also. gosh i love that place!

church tomorrow. more cleaning. and the best part?

NO MORE STRESS about Step 1....

more perspective coming soon....

1 comment:

joyfuliving said...

WHOO HOO J'! i'm so proud of you. i already was, am, and would have been either way...but you know what i mean. :) that's awesome-sweet!

i love the day you had in celebration. those are the best kind!

love you girl!

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