Tuesday, August 05, 2008

daily [pixels]

so i figured i'd start a new post. a series, if you will. about photography. since it seems like the "thing to do" (see here & here). and you know, i'm such a trend follower anyways...(?).

i told my mom last year that if i had to pick one material item that changed my life, i'd choose my camera. and oddly enough, i'd still back up that statement today. because it totally did. it has opened doors of opportunity for me...deepened relationships...and captured unforgettable moments.

which reminds me that i desparately need to get it cleaned.

anyhow. i follow quite a few photographers whose work i drool over. i mean...whose work i admire; yes, yes admire is what i meant. and i'm finding more to drool over each day..... most professionals have fancy equipment that would send my wallet to the deepest layer of the earth. and most of them are all edu-dicated & stuffs about the inner workings of those foreign boxes they hold in front of their eyes.

but not me. i took one film photo class in college that i consider entirely worthless. and i don't have a super fancy high tech space-age camera to show off.

the point, though, isn't the rank of that box i hold in front of my eyeballs. it isn't about how superb my editing software is. and it certainly isn't about how many business calls i get for photo shoots. the point is that i'm capturing moments. lives, stilled in time.

check out this article. i'm pretty sure you'll give your camera a hug after you read it. and while you're at it, i'll take a hug too, actually :)

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