Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the first day.

arrive at hospital by 7:30am.
stand by door of medical staff office for 30 minutes.
get mentally lost in hospital corridors with guide.
call P.A. Brandon to follow for remainder of the day.
10:15am: take history from toothless man who happens to be your first patient; write soap note about how patient was entirely noncomplaint, told me to "go away", went to sleep 5 times during the H&P interview, & smelled like rotten garbage.
11:15am: see second patient, a 80 year old man who hit on me.
12:25pm: meet WV woman in elevator whose name is "Bunny"
each salad from the cafeteria where the lunch lady refused to give me more then 1/2 tablespoon cottage cheese.
12:35pm: physically get lost in hospital on my way back to the library from the cafeteria.
12:45pm: find library; scarf down 1/2 tablespoon cottage cheese & small salad.
1:15pm: search 2 hospital floors for attending, who is no where to be found
2pm: meet two other WV woman, whose names were "Barbie" & "Star"
3:27pm: let off for the day.


joyfuliving said...

you might just have to think about changing your name... ;)

Craig said...

I remember getting the "tour" of Emmanuel Hospital during my interview and feeling like "I'm never going to remember all of this..." Like my first supervisor said to me, "You'll sink or swim...and you'll swim."

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