Thursday, August 21, 2008

where did the time go?

people told me i'd be asking that question. but i didn't believe them. my elementary-school head couldn't wrap itself around the fact that, someday, summers wouldn't last 5 years. and Christmas break wouldn't be all about Santa & grandma's chocolate cookies. and then my middle-school brain couldn't wrap itself around the fact that someday i'd want to have a break from my friends for longer then 3 days at a time....or that just like recess ended when 5th grade closed & bras entered my closet, summer break would someday end & a husband would enter my life. and even in high school, i still didn't understand the full extent of just how fast life would fly by me.

but it does. it does fly. it does fly fast.

and so now i'm left wondering where the time went. the time when these two women blossomed. the time when they were still wearing Cinderella panties & eating Mac&Cheese each day for lunch. the time when their world's were still innocent & pure--when their friends weren't falling for cultural norms & when their minds weren't struggling with the temptations that high school inevitable brings. i'm wondering where the time went. the time when pink frills & oversized bows filled their closet. the time when their walls were painted with rainbows & trees. the time when they'd fit in my lap.

and i have a feeling that life will only start to spin faster. and soon enough, i'll be saying this about my own kids, reflecting on these days & how fast they are going.

thank the Lord this life doesn't end when our hearts stop beating. :)


penny stock alert said...

im here because of few cents for you. just dropping by.

joyfuliving said...

i was thinking the same thing about those beautiful girls that i remember tucking into bed when mommy and daddy were on vacation. making mac n' cheese for dinner...and lunch. drawing a bath before bedtime. taking their picture for my photography class when they were toddlers.

for these girls, beauty is not relevent to time. they always have been. always will be. just are.

okay, this long comment just to say that i adore these pics of them. you need to come do some of my girls JUST LIKE THAT! :)

Craig said...

I seem to remember when their older sister was an 8th grader....look where she is now! old does that make me?

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