Monday, August 04, 2008

wide load.

i woke up late on saturday. well, late for my 24 year old self....early for my former 15 year old self. anyways, the point is that i woke up. worked out. ate breakfast. checked my email. and decided that i was headed out on the town. jon was gone until saturday night @ a friends wedding, meaning that i had the entire day to myself. and although i was missing him, there were some things i've been wanting to do that he, quite frankly, isn't so excited about.

so i pointed my car in the direction of the furniture thrift store. i've been looking for some old chairs for my photo sessions. and unfortunately all the chairs at the furniture thrift store (great place, by the way, if i had an unlimited budget & endless space) were too expensive & came in multiples. i just needed 3.

onto the next thrift store. and funny thing that i was disappointed to find that i live in the south. actually, i think i live in the armpit of the south. when i walked into the thrift store, i was met with fake flowers. LOTS of them. like a giant venus fly trap, they trapped me inside & sucked the life out of me. okay, they didn't. but i barely escaped. after i passed the flowers, my old aunt verna's kitchen collection from 1960 hit me in the face. after a quick trip to the thrift doctor, i was ready to sit down. but all i could find were seats for two.

but as soon as i took a second look at all those thrift store loveseats, i realied that they were not the seats i thought they were. they were fat people seats--made to accomodate a wider load. and there were LOTS of them.


when i went to the flea market a little later on, i was once again attacked by an ENTIRE STORE of fake flowers. and there were "do not touch" signs everywhere--as if your fingers might scar that fine plastic made in china.

weird., again.

this armpit living is not what i'm used to. and i think i don't wnat to get used to it....

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