Monday, October 13, 2008

MORE than enough.

i had a good day. a really good day. i bounced out of the office today at 4:59pm, relishing in the joy that those little snotty noses & smiley faces brought. i held babies. i got hugs from little princesses. i talked "Wall-E" with a four year old. i found monster trucks inside rib cages. and i went on treasure hunts for belly buttons.

the innocence of it all is almost overwhelming. and i love it. i think i could do this for the rest of my life...i *really* think i could do this everyday and still love it after 30 years.

and yet, i'm acutely aware of the tradgedy, heartache, and alienation some of these kids feel. because guess what? sometimes i feel it too. and sometimes life seems too unfair to be driven by God. seems too unkind to be guided by the hand of a Lover. and too cold to be held close to the heart of the One who died for me.

but then, on days like today, i remember that despite the circumstances that may swirl around the billions of people on this planet, they are here...alive. and then, on days like today, i feel more than grateful that life itself is MORE than enough.

read'll feel it too.

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