Thursday, November 20, 2008

"...and for everything else..."

1 pack of cigarettes: $4.75

cost per week of smoking 4 packs per day: $133

money spent in 1 year on smoking: $6916

cost of smoking over 25 years of smoking 4 packs per day: $172,900

sum of annual bills for once-yearly doctor's visits in 25 years of smoking: $7500

x-rays at age 63 because of shortness of breath: $450

cost per month of Spiriva inhaler to help with shortness of breath: $85

repeat x-rays at age 63 years 8 months because of shortness of breath & pneumonia: $450

Nebulizer + Albuterol for continuous trouble breathing: $200

oxygen tank & tubing: $250 per month

cost of ambulance trip to the hospital because of trouble breathing & nasty cough: $2500

eight hour ER visit for worsened shortness of breath: $800

total cost of cigarette smoking in a 63 year old: $187,885

a real-life lesson about the consequences of smoking for the 18 year old on the other side of the curtain: PRICELESS

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