Tuesday, November 04, 2008

I've been tagged!

(1) I have a hair fetish—and perhaps a slight bit of OCD-esque tendency when it comes to stray hairs on furniture, clothing, or things. So beware…I WILL come after you with a lint-roller (one of which I carry in my purse) if I find stray hairs on you!!

(2) Chai tea is my favorite J Only three types of chai have topped my “best ever” list: “MyChai” made organically from local ingredients around Mt. Bachelor in Bend, Oregon, some magical mix @ the Service Station in Spokane, WA, and what I’m kindly referring to as “hick chai”, found at the only coffee shop in Lewisburg, WV. My morning consumption has been known to exceed two cups—after which I leave for work with a roaring headache from the sugar rush…normally though I still with ½ cup & splurge on the weekends ;)

(3) I love office supplies. My favorite stores include Staples & Office Depot (although I am partial to Staples) and drool over any stationary stores’ pen aisle. Buy me a new pack of highlighters and I am one happy clam :)

(4) My dream job as a child was to be a neonatolgist (i.e., preemie doctor) with a side job working at Sea World, riding Free Willy into the wild blue abyss. (And I’m not kidding). So far, the former isn’t out of reach…but since Free Willy died a few years ago I’ve let the latter slip through my grip

(5) I want to charter a sailboat in New Zealand and sail into the sunset with my husband :) I grew up sailing my Grandpa’s boats…and have dreams of a New Zealand sailing trip someday.

(6) I have never eaten liver (although Jon is a fan of it)….but I have consumed the likes of: shark, crocodile, frog legs, sashimi, boiled bananas, raw seaweed (straight from the ocean!), salmon smoked by a real Indian chief!, head cheese (a man made me eat some in the commissary one day), cow tongue, pigs feet, spanish chocolate made from real cacao & chili powder and many more delicacies :) YUM! (okay not really…I almost gagged with all of them!)

(7) I never thought I’d get married. Seriously, I didn’t! I imagined myself as an old lady with lots of cats (even though I don’t like cats), practicing medicine & coming home to a house of purring critters…God changed those plans real fast, yes?

extra credit (8) I have a slight obsession with list-making. I finally found glorious [insert angels singing] iGoogle where you can customize YOUR OWN ONLINE LISTS and was instantly in list-making-heaven. If there is ever any suspect of my saneness, just ask me if I have a list in my purse...if I don't, you'll know I really am crazy!!!

{okay, I know I'm supposed to tag other people...but I'll make this voluntary :) }


joyfuliving said...

ok! that was totally fun and leave it to you to get all cute and creative! :)

you know you did it because it's a 'list'. you know you did, huh, huh?! :)

extra credit for you!

Trevor said...

Staples and Office Depot both are my favorite.

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