Tuesday, April 01, 2008

there are days.

there are days that it seems life is just too much to handle. too many decisions to be made. too much on my plate. there are days that i'd much rather stay in bed all day, sipping chai & reading a real book. one where i can get wrapped up in the pages and transport myself to the world the author has painted with his words. there are days when it seems like the future is just too big, too scary, and too aversive to even try to keep on going...when the truth i'd much rather curl up next to my husband and let time pass us by. and there are days when it takes all the strength i can muster to just get through it without a good cry & a friendly box of kleenex.

today is one of those days.

life is overwhelming. the future is daunting & entirely uncertain. i'm already sick with worry. i could go for a good cry & a better hug. my study stack doesn't shrink....ever. and i'm not sure that my decision to be here...to do this...was the right one in the first place.

but tomorrow is another day. and i can only hope that it will be better than today.

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Slices of Life said...

hey j! yeah, sorry, that "keep posting" comment wasn't directed AT you...just a general encouragement to all of my posting buddies. the last thing i would want to make you think is to add more to your plate. i can't believe how busy and 'board-brained' (so not a word) you must be. you rock and i was just talking inspirationally about you to someone the other day. :) wow! you've had five of those nasty things...i just didn't know that they could be so painful. i wanted to throw up, pass out, rip my insides out and push them in all at the same time! sheesh! well, hang in there and i will pray for your june 20th.

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