Monday, September 29, 2008

bodily fluids.

There were two of them, and two red-heads of hair fashioned mullet-style greeted me at the door of the exam room. One, around age 7, sported think glasses with royal blue frames. The other, probably 5 years, sported lizard green glasses frames. Their faces speckled with freckles, I could tell they were happy to see me.

As soon as my foot crossed the threshold, it was like a motormouth competition over loud speakers exploded in the room. The jabber was almost more than I could bare. And both of them were getting wildly out of breath trying to out-speak the other.

And then it happened.

Between breaths, the 5 year old was temporarily silenced. And his blue-framed mullet-style 2-year-older freckled red-head brother shouted out at the top of his jabber mouth lungs:

HE VOMICKED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The 5 year old sat there stunned, seeming slightly embarrassed after what his almost-twin brother announced to the entire office (and probably the two adjacent to us). And after my ears stopped ringing, I realized that they might have heard him in China.

Which is right around the time when Mr. 5-year-old informed me, also at the top of his voice range, that "the “vomick” was green & chunky & had his hamburger from dinner in it."

Thank you. I guess that’s what brothers are for, huh?

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Alex! said...

Jlyn! I love your posts! They make me laugh and cry and everything in between :)

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