Thursday, September 25, 2008


i've been indulging lately. in guilty pleasures. like poptarts. and licorice. and when i found out Hershey's makes Pumpkin Spice kisses, my stomach flipped with joy inside my abdomen.

and i'll admit that i haven't made the best choices for my own health lately. not eating balanced meals. each much too quickly for gradual digestion. and mostly not listening to my body when it is telling me its tired or hungry or too overwhelmed with food.

i found this post today on this incredible blog. the woman inspires me--with 6 kids & a farm to oversee, it makes my work days sound like walks on the beach. or walks through snotty-nosed-kid alley, take your pick ;)

and so today, i'm sitting in the guilty chair. perhaps similar to the "time out"chair i used to be forced to sit in. and i'm going to try my best to take better care of my body--to eat better, to exercise more regularly, and to get restful bouts of sleep at night.

here we go....

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