Monday, September 01, 2008

i'll miss these days.

little did i know, but our time together this summer would really change the attitude of our weekends this year. before living together, there were times that i felt we were "making up" for lost time on the weekends, spending the majority of our days on-the-go & most of our nights hurridly talking through conversations we might have had during the week.

but i think we've relaxed a bit. perhaps its just that we are comfortable around each other now, that we've been married over a year. or perhaps its because our attitudes towards life are changing & we are taking the time to slow down and enjoy the moments of solitude we have on the comfort of our own couch.

whatever it is, i LOVE IT. because it makes for a great weekend :)

golf. homemade wheat pizza with fresh vegetables from the garden (the crust & everything!). bbq with friends. movie night. errands. and time together. i gosh-darn-love saturday & sunday!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Yummy! can't wait to have one of J's homemade pizza's and Jon buying the IPA's!!! Love, Dad

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